Skreen believes in the power of contact tracing. That's why we've developed Trace, an easy-to-use app that makes it simple

Gather data in an organized way.

About Trace

Trace can be applied to any industry that wants to gather contact data from their visitors and guests. This can be especially useful in the restaurant, hotel, tour & attraction industries and more.

We make it quick and easy to record basic contact details for your visitors and guests. You can even keep track of specific information for an individual or group in the Notes section.

Another bonus, the integrated camera feature allows for a quick snapshot of supportive information (e.g. reservation details, driver license, etc.).

All of this data is fully searchable and easy to review in a moment's notice.

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Key Features

Contact tracing made simple.

Who is it for?

The Trace application is designed for all levels of organizations - from small businesses to large scale establishments with multiple locations.

Set up your system to suit your needs. Administrator user level allows you to review all locations within your organization. Operator user level provides access for information input at each individual location.

Trace Instructional Videos

Welcome to Trace: How to set up your account

Start Tracing: How to use Trace

Trace Searchability: See how many ways you can search results with Trace