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Contact tracing made simple.

Automated Thermal Cameras
Automated Thermal Cameras
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The Benefits

The Skreen system provides efficient tools for businesses to return to the new normal while protecting their valued assets, customers, and staff.

Let's get back to business with confidence.

Thermal Kiosks for Schools


Thermal Kiosks for Events


Thermal Kiosks for Office


Thermal Kiosks for Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

Thermal Kiosks for Boutiques


Thermal Kiosks for Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers

Thermal Kiosks for Clinics


Thermal Kiosks for Construction Sites

Constructions Sites

Thermal Kiosks for Restaurants


Thermal Kiosks for Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

Thermal Kiosks for Nursing Home

Nursing Homes

Thermal Kiosks for Hotels


And many more!

Key Features
Automatic Detection

Automatic detection and scan

Hands-free, touchless device takes temperatures in real-time, non-invasively and automatically.

Accurate Thermal Kiosk

Highly accurate with and without mask

Accurate readings with and without masks, glasses, hats or make up.


Lightweight, portable and compact.

Easy to setup and get started at any location.

Thermal Screening

Screen everyone in 1 second

Scan patrons, staff, and students for fever
quickly and efficiently.

The Skreen Badge
Safe to Visit

Every location with a Skreen Badge will be added to our public database.

Let your customers and employees know you care.
Give yourself the peace of mind knowing each guest at your location has been screened for high temperature.

Skreen Vision - Temperature Screening Kiosk

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